MyCO Living FAQ & General Rules

You have to contact us and indicate your arrival and departure dates (check-in/check-out). We will check your profile and let you know the availability and prices for those dates and, if you agree, we will proceed to make the booking.

To formalise the booking, we need a picture of the future guest’s ID card or passport and a contact phone number. We will fill in the Accommodation Contract with your details and you will need to sign it and return it to us with proof of payment (first monthly payment + deposit in advance).

During the process, dates are blocked for 3 days after sending the contract as a margin of confidence. Upon receipt of the signed Contract and proof of payment of the Deposit and Rent, the booking will be successfully completed.

In order to comply with Spanish law and for the comfort of all guests, smoking is not permitted in any of the MyCO Living facilities.

Due to the general working environment, activities, and to create a relaxed and adult atmosphere in our community, we have decided that minors are not allowed in our general Coliver profile. In addition, to avoid allergy, odour and dirt problems for our Colivers, we also do not allow pets in our spaces.

The contracting of our spaces includes 2 nights for non-registered companions. From the third night on, there is a charge per night and from 10 nights on there is a monthly surcharge.

If you intend to come accompanied, you must indicate it at the time of booking to be taken into account in your contract.

A deposit of 1 month’s rent is required at the time of booking. The remaining deposit will be refunded within 30 days, provided everything is correct.

Both check-in and check-out must take place on certain dates:
– On the first or last day of the month (30th, 31st or 1st).
– In the middle of the month (15th or 16th).

The minimum stay is 1 month in all cases.

Reception hours are from 13:00h to 20:00h from Monday to Friday to allow the check out of the previous Coliver and the cleaning of the flat. 

In case the flat or the room is empty and clean before, we will inform you in case you wish to check in earlier.

Late Check In: Check in after 20:00h and until 23:00h + Saturdays, will be considered Late Check In and a supplement of 20 euros will be charged, to be paid in cash to the employee who comes to the Check In. 

Super Late Check In: From 23:00h + Sundays and public holidays, it will be considered Super Late Check In and the supplement to be paid in cash to the employee who checks in will be 50 euros. Employees may also refuse to check in until the following day, so the Coliver will be responsible for finding accommodation that night.

In both cases, please have the money ready for the employee. 

The company will normally inform the Coliver about the status of his or her check in. 

The employee will contact the Coliver by telephone to coordinate the arrival.

The price of the Operational Package (from €50.00 to €90.00, depending on the hired space), consisting of the final cleaning of the pitch after check-out, repositioning of amenities (detailed in the contract) and change of sheets and towels, will be deducted from the deposit.

For bookings of more than 6 months there is no increase in the price of the monthly rent due to high/medium season (from June to September) and a 3% discount is applied on the price of the monthly rent. This discount will be 5% in the case of reservations of 9 months or more and there is also no increase of the monthly price due to high/medium season.

Between June and September we increase our prices for high season. At this time there is a large influx of visitors to the city, who come to enjoy the beaches of Valencia and the summer time.

This price increase is only for guests with contracts of less than 6 months and we always indicate it at the time of making the booking.

MyCO Living offers additional services during your stay, such as: cleaning, extra sets of sheets and towels, agreements with local establishments and co-working spaces, rental of materials, furniture and hardware, and suggestions for the area. For any other need, please contact us.

All reservations are paid by bank transfer, as well as rental deposit refunds.

Unless otherwise stated in the room information, all prices include taxes, common expenses of Wi-Fi, water, electricity, heating and cleaning once a month.

For a couple there is a price increase depending on the accommodation.

In addition, the price changes according to the season, being low season from October to May, mid season June and September and high season July and August.

To receive a full refund, guests must cancel at least 30 days prior to arrival date, or departure date if already staying with us.

If a guest cancels after this time or with less than 30 days to their check out date, no refund will be given for the nights they are no longer staying at MyCO, as per contract.

You can cancel your reservation by sending an email to the same address and under the conditions of refund described above.